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Docker Images

Qlik Core consists of a core set of services, including the Qlik Associative Engine, that you can download as Docker images:

Service Feature Docker Image Source Code
Qlik Associative Engine The powerful associative indexing engine from Qlik and the foundation of Qlik Core. qlikcore/engine Closed source
Licenses Service required to run Qlik Associative Engine with a paid license. qlikcore/licenses Closed source
Mira Qlik Associative Engine discovery service. qlikcore/mira GitHub

JavaScript Libraries

In addition, there are several open source JavaScript libraries that you will find useful when working with Qlik Core. You can install these libraries as npm packages:

Library Feature Source Code
enigma.js Communication with the Qlik Associative Engine. GitHub
halyard.js Simple data loading into the Qlik Associative Engine. GitHub
after-work.js Unified testing framework for different test levels. GitHub
picasso.js Visualization library on top of the Qlik Associative Engine. GitHub