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By downloading and using Qlik Core, you are subject to the End-User License Agreement. Make sure you have read and understood this agreement before continuing.


Qlik Core comes with a community version that may be used to evaluate, develop, or test solutions. Note that it cannot be used for commercial purposes.

The current limitations are applied to the community version:

  • 30 day expiration: Qlik Associative Engine will expire 30 days after the version has been released.
  • 5 concurrent sessions: Qlik Associative Engine will limit the amount of concurrent sessions.

Accepting the EULA

You need to pass in a setting to Qlik Associative Engine to acknowledge that you accept the EULA. Example: docker run qlikcore/engine:<version> -S AcceptEULA=yes


The exact model for buying Qlik Core will be announced late spring/early summer, and will require a side-car license service to unlock the Qlik Associative Engine service. See the Licenses service documentation for additional information and how you can prepare your solution for Qlik Core licensing.

Configuring licensing

You need to pass in a setting to Qlik Associative Engine to enable licensing. See Licenses configuration page.

Third Party Licenses

Click here for information about our third-party licenses.