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Experimental service

This service is subject to change in terms of configuration, metrics, and logging.

To run Qlik Associative Engine with a paid license, you are required to run this service.


The Licenses service is available on Docker Hub as a Docker image: qlikcore/licenses.

It is developed by Qlik as closed source.


You do not need to configure this service right now but this will be required in the future. In addition, you do need to configure Qlik Associative Engine where to find it. You can do this by passing the following command line argument to the Qlik Associative Engine.

-S LicenseServiceUrl=<Licenses service URL>


To see an example of a basic license configuration, see the Orchestration tutorial.


In most Qlik Core deployments, you will only need to deploy a single instance of this service. This is because traffic between Qlik Associative Engine instances and the Licenses service is relatively low. It does however support multiple instances if needed.

Health check

For health checking, the service exposes /v1/health on port 9200, and it always responds with 200 OK.


For Prometheus metrics scraping, the service exposes /v1/metrics on port 9200. It provides the following metrics:

Name Type Description
http_requests_total COUNTER Total number of HTTP requests since service start.
It includes both successful and unsuccessful requests.
The HTTP method and endpoint path are provided as labels.
http_request_failures_total COUNTER Total number of HTTP request failures since service start.
The HTTP method and endpoint path are provided as labels
http_request_duration_seconds HISTOGRAM Durations of HTTP request since service start.
The HTTP method and endpoint path are provided as labels.
active_instances GAUGE Number of active instances (engines with an active license).
license_expiry_seconds GAUGE Number of seconds until the license expires.


This service complies with the Logging conventions. By default, the minimum log level is info. However, for Microsoft libraries, the default minimum logging level is set to warning to avoid too verbose logging.

You can override the minimum logging level by providing the LOG_LEVEL environment variable. Note that if you provide this variable it will affect the logging level for all components in the License Service, including Microsoft libraries. We recommend that you use the default minimum level in a production environment, and only override the level for debugging purposes.