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Qlik Associative Engine

The Qlik Associative Engine is the central service in the Qlik Core stack. It has a lot of features and configuration options which we have dedicated pages for. Please use the menu on your left to read more about the unique capabilities of Qlik Associative Engine, and check out our tutorials how to configure your instances of Qlik Associative Engine.


Qlik Associative Engine is distributed as a Docker image and is available on Docker Hub as qlikcore/engine.

The Qlik Associative Engine is developed by Qlik as closed source.


Qlik Associative Engine supports multiple APIs, designed for specific use cases.

API Description
Data Connector High-performance data loading using the gRPC protocol.
QIX Document consumption using JSONRPC and WebSocket protocols.


Following the Metrics conventions, Qlik Associative Engine exposes metrics that can be used to monitor the service.

Qlik Associative Engine exposes the metrics data on a separate port from its other APIs, this separation was made to ensure that exposing the default API (port 9076) wouldn't also expose potentially sensitive data from the metrics endpoint.

The metrics endpoint can be found on port 9090 by default (example: http://localhost:9090/metrics), you may configure this by starting Qlik Associative Engine with -S PrometheusPort <port number>.